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PINMOUNT PDX Weigh Modules

SWC515 PINMOUNT PDX weigh modules provide highest accuracy and reliability. Monitor single load cells for overload, temperature, breach, zero drift etc. and enable reaction before the system shuts down or measures incorrectly. They are designed for static and dynamic applications where loading involves horizontal forces. PINMOUNT PDX is available in capacities of 20t, 30t, 50t.


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Specifications – PINMOUNT PDX Weigh Modules

METTLER TOLEDO Pinmount PDX weigh modules


Hazardous area approval ATEX, UL, IECEX Weigh module hardware suitable for hazardous area
Applications Tanks, Vessels, Mixers, Conveyors
Mounting options Stabilizer for fixing, thermal/mechanical isolation pads, dead stand, dummy load cell, spacer for easy load cell exchange
Maximum Capacity 20 – 50 t 44 – 110 klb
Features and Benefits
  • Dual integrated lift-off protection
  • Dual vertical safety stop
  • Full 360° integrated checking
  • Dual stabilizer option
  • Capacity range: 20t – 50t
  • Rocker pin load cell for best accuracy
  • IP68 load cell, fully stainless
  • NIST Class III LM 10.000d
  • OIML C3 R60 3.000d, 4.000d option
  • ATEX and UL approval standard on each load cell
  • Zinc plated or stainless steel mounting hardware