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PowerDeck Floor Platforms

Rugged and Precise

Maximize Your Yield

The new PowerDeck™ PFD7__ floor scale family combines advanced POWERCELL® technology, a redesigned fully sealed platform and smart applications to boost your productivity. Run your process at peak performance with PowerDeck™ for consistent and high-quality products, resulting in higher profits.

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Specifications – PFD7_ PowerDeck Floor Platforms

PowerDeck Floor



PowerDeck Floor

Operator Guidance

Real-time guidance alerts operators to optimal placement of goods on the scale to guarantee repeatability. Proactive warnings, such as overload, shock load or debris under the scale, eliminates errors before they become critical.


PowerDeck Floor

Rugged & Precise

Tough enough to handle your largest loads, accurate enough to weigh the smallest. With new accuracy classes, 6,000e/10,000e, self-monitoring smart load cells continually monitor and compensate for measurement deviations and ensure accuracy.


PowerDeck Floor

Half the Maintenance

By eliminating the junction box, the POWERCELL® digital load-cell network completely prevents moisture ingress. Smart electronics within the load cell automatically adjust to environmental conditions and eliminate interference.


PowerDeck Floor

Visibility Through Diagnostics

What if you could proactively correct an issue before the scale stops working properly? PowerDeck™ monitors data from all four corners of the scale to assists you in finding and correcting most issues while also monitoring usage patterns.