SmartX Scale Management Software

SmartX targets your biggest challenges and your bottom line.

You’ll drastically reduce the number of support desk calls that begin with “I was trying to change a price when…” With this easy-to-learn and use system, one person can easily manage price changes across the entire operation, resulting in fewer support calls and fewer costly mistakes.

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Specifications – SmartX Scale Management Software

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SmartX benefits:

  • Increase margins through smarter, easier, centralized item management
  • Compete effectively through reduced operating, training, and support costs
  • Keep pace with evolving regulations with optional software maintenance
  • Help control shrink through tighter price controls
  • Lower training costs and streamline business processes
  • Improve the shopping experience and build brand identity

SmartX delivers:

  • Efficient data management
  • High data security and regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined network/device management
  • Avoidance of expensive and risky home-made solutions
  • Lower support desk demand

Key SmartX features

  • Windows compatible with familiar Windows-based interface
  • Integrates METTLER TOLEDO and Hobart® scales
  • Batch creation/replication
  • Status visibility
  • Audit capability (Sarbanes-Oxley compliant)
  • Capability to schedule/repeat price updates
  • Flexibility for store-level changes
  • Sybase industry standard database
  • Communications through serial TNET or TCP/IP via Ethernet or wireless
  • Up to five simultaneous client connections

System requirements

  • 166 MHz Pentium processor
  • Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® ME, Windows® 7, Windows® Server 2008 R2
  • SVGA 800 X 600 display resolution
  • 80 MB hard disk space available
  • 128 MB RAM