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SWB305 Multimount Weigh Module

Discontinued as of 12/31/2023 – direct replacement is the SWB405

SWB305 MultiMount ™ features ensure correct scale system installation, right from the start. Weigh modules do not compromise on safety – all safety features are built-in. Accurate, reliable performance and METTLER TOLEDO quality in an economical package.


  • Integrated lift-off protection
  • Full 360° integrated checking
  • Optional ground strap
  • All load cells laser welded
  • Global approvals standard on each load cell
  • OIML C3/NTEP III M n:5 (110kg – 2200kg)
  • Zinc plated or stainless steel mounting hardware
  • CalFree™: Calibration without test weights


SWB305 Multimount Weigh Module Specifications

SWB305 multimount weigh module


Tank Weighing

SWB305MultiMount™ weigh modules offer rugged construction and many features for easy installation and accurate and reliable tank weighing.

Safety and Protection

360-degree self-checking, lift-ff are integrated. Foot-print compatible for easy upgrade and maximum flexibility.

Load Cell

The hermetically sealed load cells meet harsh industrial requirements. They are fully approved as standard for a wide usage range.


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