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VKR211 Load Cell Conversion Kit

Upgrade METTLER TOLEDO and Competitive Model Weighbridges

Give your existing weighbridge the advantage of reliable POWERCELL® PDX® technology with a Model VKR211 load cell conversion kit. This easy-to-install kit upgrades a weighbridge by using POWERCELL® PDX® load cells to replace high-maintenance lever systems, analog load cells, and hydraulic load cells. Kits are also available to replace previous generations of POWERCELL® load cells. Combine the VKR211 conversion kit with an IND560 or IND780 terminal and other time-saving options to fully upgrade your  vehicle-weighing operation.

POWERCELL® load cells have a proven history of accurate and reliable performance. The new POWERCELL® PDX® load cell takes this reliability to a new level and includes predictive diagnostics to keep you continually informed about your scale’s performance.

VKR211 kits are available for variety of manufacturers weighbridges including Fairbanks, Rice Lake, B-Tek, and Emery Winslow.

Our VKR211 kits are backed by the Industry’s finest service network and most powerful 10 year warranty.  Coverage includes 100% of parts, 100% of travel, and 100% of labor for the full 10 years.

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VKR211 Load Cell Conversion Kit Specifications

VKR211 Load Cell Conversion Kit Data Sheet



Features Benefits
POWERCELL® PDX® Load Cell Strong digital signal provides accurate weighing.

On-board microprocessor continually compensates for external factors to achieve highest accuracy.

Predictive diagnostics simplify service and maintenance.

No junction boxes to fail because of  moisture penetration.

Self-Aligning Suspension Provides accurate, repeatable weighing.
Compression Mounting Simple design with no mechanical levers or extra components to become worn or misaligned.
Stainless Steel Cables Durable cables keep working in harsh conditions.
Glass-to-Metal Connectors Maintain a watertight seal to keep out damaging moisture.
Load Cell Specifications
Capacities 30t (66K), 50t (110K), 90t (200K)
Suspension Rocker column, compression
Material Canister: 304 stainless steel Load element: 17-4 PH stainless steel
Environmental Protection IP68 submersion, IP69K high-pressure spray
NTEP Approval NIST H44 IIIL-M 10,000d (CC# 08-090)
Lightning Protection IEC 62305-1; passed laboratory testing at over 80,000 amps