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XPR-S Precision Balances

XPR Precision Balance Solutions Go Beyond Weighing

XPR small platform precision balances deliver outstanding weighing performance and support the highest requirements for data integrity and compliance.

Thanks to the extraordinary stability provided by the unique SmartPan weighing pan, results are delivered up to twice as fast even under tough weighing environments. Repeatability is improved up to two-fold.

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The state-of-the-art user interface offers intelligent functions to simplify and support your processes at every step. With smart quality assurance features automatically monitoring the status of your balance, you can rest assured that your results are valid.


xpr-s precision balances


XPR-S Precision Balances Features

Outstanding Performance

  • Max capacity from 200 g to 10 kg
  • Readability from 0.1 mg to 0.1 g
  • High performance models from 2 kg (0.1 mg) to 10 kg (1 mg)
  • SmartPan and LevelMatic weighing pans

 Quality Assurance

  • GWP Approved built-in quality assurance monitoring
  • Customizable tolerance profiles
  • MinWeigh warning function
  • Adjustment and routine test history
  • Balance ready StatusLight™
  • LevelControl: level warning with graphical leveling guide
  • Temperature and time programmable automatic adjustment (proFACT)
  • User Management, individual profiles password protected
  • Change history log

 Efficient Operation

  • 7-inch color capacitive touchscreen terminal, glove compatible
  • Storage of weighing methods (including sample series and tolerances)
  • Integrated results notepad

 Seamless Process

  • Easy connectivity and data export: 4 x USB, 1 LAN
  • Easy connection of peripheral devices: printers, PC, barcode readers, footswitches and sensors
  • Integrated label editor, alphanumeric, and barcode
  • Export of process and results data to XML or Excel

 Sustainable Value

  • Integrated overload protection
  • Chemically resistant materials
  • Designed for easy cleaning