Simplify Material Classification with ICS685

Weight-Based Quality Control

Image of yarn spoolsThe quality of textiles is highly dependent on the quality of the raw materials used to manufacture them. To improve the order-picking process, one yarn manufacturer implemented a classifying application to sort finished yarn rolls and load customer-specified groupings via barcodes onto the scale for increased throughput and order fulfillment accuracy.

Background: Order-specific requirements

Bäumlin & ernest ag (beag) is a Swiss manufacturer that produces yarn for the textile production industry. Textiles are made with different quality standards. Yarns are grouped based on these standards in the spinning process. The yarn has an important influence on further processing of the textile and requires a high level of manufacturing expertise.

Challenge: How to classify yarns

Textile customers individually define quality groups to classify finished yarn rolls. Thus, beag needed to find an easy-to-use solution to pack the yarn rolls manually according to their requirements. The class could be determined by the weight of the yarn rolls, so METTLER TOLEDO offered a flexible solution with operator guidance to sort the finished yarn by quality.

Customer quote on simplify material classification with the METTLER TOLEDO ICS685 weighing solution

Solution: Classification increases output

Beag selected the ICS685 bench scale, a PBD555 platform, and a classifying function to define and implement predefined classes by weight. Each quality weight is defined with tolerances and color-coding on the scale indicator shows the yarn’s quality class. Beag appreciates the simplicity of the solution, which has increased packing efficiency.

image of the METTLER TOLEDO ICS685 with scanner and PBD655 scale base


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