Smart Packaging

Save Order-Preparation Time

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. This is especially true in the manufacturing of precision plastic parts. If the parts are made or shipped incorrectly, it could lead to failure of that final product and the company could lose its reputation as a trusted supplier. METTLER TOLEDO counting scales help Slovenian manufacturer Ravnihar d.o.o. to make sure this doesn’t happen.

ICS685Ravnihar d.o.o. produces components for the production of electromechanical meters for measuring electrical energy, components for production-time meters, plastic baskets to produce commutators, thermoplastic injection molding and coils. Its state-of-the-art operations includes 18 computer-controlled injection-molding machines and a station equipped with METTLER TOLEDO scales to count parts and ensure that quality is top-notch.

When Ravnihar d.o.o.’s customers began requiring the company to supply all parts in precise quantities and to label each package with customer-specific data, including article ID, name, a second ID that indicates the buyer, date and time, pieces or weight and a barcode, business leaders knew it was time for an equipment upgrade. “For me it is very important, that everything, from weight, quantity, to the look of the package and the label on the package, are perfect,” says Ravnihar.

It was important for the business to invest in equipment that could adapt to meet future needs. “We wanted adequate weighing equipment with a modular concept so that we could be open to possibilities for upgrades. We also wanted it to be up to today’s connectivity standards,” says Ravnihar. “We needed a simple solution to maintain our article database without expensive software. Finally, we needed a solution for low-cost label printing with easy label format change and a barcode reader.”

ICS685METTLER TOLEDO consultants visited Ravnihar d.o.o to determine the best fit for the company’s needs. They recommended the ICS685 multifunctional terminal with an internal article database and additional interfaces including Ethernet for a LAN connection, two RS232 for a Zebra GC 420t label printer and a barcode reader and RS422 to connect an additional scale in future. In addition, Ravnihar selected installation, calibration and IPac Equipment Qualification services through METTLER TOLEDO.

Selecting the right product in combination with service from METTLER TOLEDO ensured that Ravnihar d.o.o. would realize continued performance that satisfies its high standards.

“Weighing is now faster as the operator just needs to scan the article barcode and can immediately start off with counting. In the end he automatically gets a label with the final counting result, average piece weight, date, article information and barcode. And results are more accurate due to the high-resolution digital platform,” Ravnihar says.

Furthermore, IPac delivered a documented, qualified installation that meets the requirements of the existing quality system. Calibration services make sure they are weighing and counting with optimum precision.

“Now we are easily fulfilling our final customer requirement regarding providing exact quantities of our products with appropriate labels,” says Ravnihar. “In addition, the new equipment has shortened the time needed to prepare individual orders, allowing fast and precise counting of every order. The new equipment is easy to use and that has minimized human errors, which saves us money and protects our reputation.”

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