Expert Technicians through Continuous Training

When you call Brady Systems for service, how do you know that the Technician we send knows how to get the job done? What assurances do you have that the Technician has training on the most current scale technology?

technician training programBrady Systems wants you to be assured that every technician we send to your site has the most current and up-to-date training. We prove our commitment through our Technician training program.  All Brady Technicians receive training in their areas of focus as well as cross training in other product lines.

Factory Training

The METTLER TOLEDO Industrial and Retail product lines are key to Brady Systems’ business. Factory training on METTLER TOLEDO products is very important to our training program. Our Technicians attend classes at METTLER TOLEDO’s headquarters in Ohio on a regular basis. This keeps us up to date with new product developments and enhances our service capabilities. We also host classes provided by other manufacturers such as Rice Lake, Ishida, and BUNN in our offices.

On-Line Training

METTLER TOLEDO retail training certification pin imageOne of the quickest and most effective methods available for new product training is e-learning. Such training offers a good balance, providing up-to-date training quickly and keeps the Technician in the field to provide you service. All Industrial and Retail Technicians participate in on-line training for METTLER TOLEDO products. In 2014, our Technicians are attending METTLER TOLEDO’s Retail Training Program. Look for their METTLER TOLEDO Retail Certified Technician lapel pins at your next service call.

In-House Training

It takes more than good technical skills to be a good service provider. Technical skills need to be combined with professional behavior and effective communication. Several times a year we provide additional training to our Technicians through In-house training classes. These classes cover a variety of topics including professional behavior, troubleshooting, and cross training.

On the Job Training

Brady Systems is fortunate to have many Technicians with years of experience in the weighing industry. As we continue to add to our service organization, our newest Technicians are teamed with senior Technicians for on the job training. They shadow the senior Technicians as they come up the learning curve. Additionally, if a Technician has a particular area of expertise, we will team other Technicians with them to provide cross training.

With this mix of training methods and programs, you can be assured that when you call Brady Systems for service you will get a highly qualified expert service technician.

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