The PTAx64 Floor Scale

An Easy Shift

The Floor Scale for Changing Needs

In today’s manufacturing environment, flexibility is key. Changing shop floor layouts, varying production line set-ups, or small-batch manufacturing of new products all demand a highly adaptable production system. The PTAx64 are perhaps the most versatile floor scales produced to date. The industry-leading “U” shape provides numerous benefits, from the multiple loading techniques to the wide array of available accessories for building up each scale to fit any application.

  PTA464  PTA664

Various Configurations for any Load

PTA Scale with Pallet on TopThe PTAx64 floor scales can weigh all sorts of different shaped pallets and containers, allowing for several unique loading methods at the same time. Standard size offerings range from 4’x4’ to 5’x5’ with available capacity ratings from 1000 – 5000 lbs. The scales can weigh any open-bottom pallet, skid, or bulk container with ease. Manual pallet jacks, power walkies, or forklifts can lower a load onto the weighing surface without needing to back out of the opening to register a weight, saving time and wasted movement. Removing the load is as simple as raising the forks back up.

ROI & Reduced Maintenance Costs

Neither a pit nor ramps are required to load the PTAx64, which translates into lower installation costs, saved floor space, and faster loading and weighing of products. This also means that the pallet jack, power walkie, or forklift never have to drive onto the scale surface or up an incline. By cutting down on physical effort required and the likelihood of loading errors, safe operating conditions are improved. We’ve also eliminated any point loading concerns from wheels driving over the scale deck and decreased the wear and tear that normal scales are subjected to. With a fully-open channel design and significantly less surface area than conventional floor scales, the time needed for cleaning is drastically reduced as well. Save time and money from start to finish.

Accessorize to Fit Your Application

The full line of accessories is what really sets these scales apart from any other. Mix, match, and build each scale to be a perfect fit every time. Standard Integrated Lifting Handles with a Bolt-on Wheel Kit make portability and moving the scale a breeze. Bolt-on Indictor Columns allow your preferred indicator to go anywhere the scale goes. Scale Guard Kits protect the front, inside, or sides of each scale from impact and side shock. Bolt-on Rail Kits provide a guide to direct each load straight onto the scale without going too far. Bolt-on Leg Wideners allow for an even wider range of different load dimensions to be weighed without needing to order a custom-sized scale. The drop-in Structural Load Plate even turns a PTAx64 into a full-platform floor scale. These scales don’t just react; they adapt and evolve to the demands of a changing manufacturing industry.

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