Truck Scale Buying Guide

Your Next Truck Scale – A Guide to Project Components

Image of Truck scale buying guide v2A new vehicle scale is a major investment. Buying and installing one can also be a complex project to organize, especially for those who have not been involved in a scale purchase before.

When considering a new scale, straightforward and reputable information can be difficult to find. Educational material that can guide you through the key decisions can be very valuable.

This guide is designed to help you make an informed decision when buying a new truck scale. Whether you need help getting started or want to better understand technology and specification options, this guide will be useful.

The guide contains the following sections:

  1. Introduction and Terms to Know
  2. How a Truck Scale Works
  3. Truck Scale Applications and Solutions
  4. Site Planning
  5. Truck Scale Selection Basics
  6. Load Cells
  7. Weighbridge Specifications
  8. Initial Scale Cost and Ongoing Performance
  9. Installation and Certification
  10. Maintenance, Service and Warranty
  11. Scale and Weight Regulations

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Truck scale buying guide v2