Reducing Vehicle Scale Cost of Ownership

Reducing Cost of Ownership with the Best Warranty in the Business

Vehicle Scale Cost of OwnershipI recently decided to add a fence to my home. I did all the things you would typically do before hiring a contractor, got multiple quotes, checked out reputations with on-line vendors and the Better Business Bureau, and checked with local government regarding zoning and permits.  All the contractors gave me multiple material choices for a fence – good, better, best grades of wood and PVC.  The prices and the typical life-span varied so much I was a bit confused as to which one would be the best choice.  My bank account was saying go with the cheaper wood fence, but then I got thinking about on-going maintenance.  The PVC fences had a 50-year guarantee on them. The maintenance is no more difficult than hosing them down. The wood fences would need some type of regular maintenance to last the expected life span.  Meaning that I would need to paint or stain them every few years.  If I factored in the cost of the stain and my extra time, the PVC fence option was cheaper than the wood fences!  Once I realized that I was going to save money over time, the PVC fence was the best option for my home.

When you make the decision to purchase or replace a vehicle scale, it is tempting to look just at the initial purchase price. But, making a large capital purchase like a vehicle scale should include the consideration of on-going maintenance.  Vehicle scales have both mechanical and electronic components to them.  Like the tires or brakes on a car, some of the components on a scale will wear and need to be replaced.  Regular maintenance and inspection can reduce the likelihood of those components failing at the worst time.

Does Your Warranty Coverage Measure Up?

The warranty coverage on your scale has the potential to save you the most money over its lifetime.  The average truck scale is expected to last 15-20 years.  The most expensive repairs are generally when the electronic components, like load cells, fail.  The average load cell cost between $500 – $2,000 per cell.  The average scale has 8 to 10 load cells.  It is not unusual for load cell replacement bills to reach $5,000 – $10,000. Even if your scale manufacturer covers the load cells, many of their warranties do not cover labor. Labor can be up to 70% of the total bill.

Unlike many other vehicle scale manufacturers, METTLER TOLEDO offers the best warranty in the business.  At the minimum, the warranty on the load cell systems in all its scales is 5 years, INCLUDING LABOR.  All costs are covered, equipment, labor, and travel.  The Powercell PDX load cells found in some of its scales include a 10-year warranty on the load cells and scale deck.  Imagine, 10 years of controlled maintenance cost.

Just like the analysis I did when making my fencing decision, once you factor in the warranty on METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale products, it becomes obvious that the overall cost of ownership for METTLER TOLEDO products will save you money over time.

To learn more about METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale warranties, click here.