Vehicle Scale Terminals

Basic Weighing Solution Offers Exception Versatility

IND246 Vehicle Scale TerminalSimpler can be better. If your application calls for a simple weighing solution, the IND246 scale terminal fills the bill. With this new terminal, you get all-purpose weighing without paying for a lot of bells and whistles.

The IND246 scale terminal is a simple weighing solution that is designed for versatility. It provides basic weighing plus the capability to process transactions for a variety of applications: vehicle weighing, counting, over/under checkweighing, peak-weight measurement, and animal weighing. You can change weighing applications with the touch of a button.

Operator prompts make the IND246 easy to use. The terminal’s vivid display can be read clearly in all lighting conditions. An alphanumeric keypad allows quick entry of tare and ID information. Navigation and function keys simplify setup and weighing operations.

The IND246 terminal features two option slots that connect to a variety of interfaces. Serial, USB, or Ethernet connection exchange transaction data and ID files using the PC-based file transfer tool.

Choose from two power options. The terminal is available in a version that runs on standard AC power and a version that uses a long-life nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery. The battery-powered terminal is a portable unit that can be moved easily to wherever it is needed.

IND246 Vehicle Scale Terminal

Vehicle-weighing applications

The IND246 terminal is an excellent choice for basic weighing. It is a key part of a product family designed to offer solutions for the full range of vehicle-weighing applications.

IND246 Vehicle Scale Terminal 

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